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Winter Care for Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are one of the most interesting and eye-catching types of advertising available today. Wherever you go in your vehicle, you have a great piece of marketing with you for all to see (even after you walk away to get on with your work). But what happens when that wrap starts to look tattered and torn? It reflects badly on your business and your brand. If your ad is a billboard that starts to fall down, that isn’t on you, but the care and maintenance of an advertisement on your vehicle directly reflect the care and consideration that the owner is willing to devote. It can be particularly hard to maintain your vehicle wraps during the winter, so follow these tips!

Winter Care for Vehicle Wraps

It can be particularly hard to maintain your vehicle wraps during the winter, so follow these tips!

Avoid High Pressure

Water is the best way to clean your vehicle wrap safely, but make sure that the water pressure isn’t too high. Intense water pressure can cause wraps to peel, crack, and fade. The pressure of your garden hose or even an automatic carwash is fine for cleaning, but pressure washers are best avoided.

Don’t Scrape

It is important to remove snow and ice before you drive, for both safety and marketing reasons. It is unsafe to drive with your car covered in snow (which will reflect poorly on your business), but that snow is also covering your vehicle wrap (so it’s not doing its job). When you clean off the snow, avoid using a scraper or a hard bristled brush over the wrap graphic. These tools can scratch or even tear the graphic. Opt instead for a soft brush, a cloth, or allow the heat of the car warming up to melt the snow and ice on its own.

Clean Off the Salt

The salt that we use on roads in bad weather is trouble for vinyl wraps, causing them to dehydrate and deteriorate if it sits on there too long. Even if you’re not anywhere near a salt truck, the road spray from cars in front of you sprays salt onto your vehicle every time you go out. If there’s salt on the roads, take the time to wipe off your wrap and remove as much salt as possible once you get to your destination. You should also try to wash your car once a week during the winter to minimize the effect of the salt.

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