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Exhibits and Displays

Signs are a great way to make announcements because they usually grab attention quickly. While prospects have developed the habit of ignoring online ads and announcements, they don’t usually ignore physical signs. In fact, most people will give it a passing glance or even read it keenly before they move on. At Brand It Wrap It, we always encourage our customers to install exhibit and display signs if they want to make big announcements. There are a few different ways to format your exhibit or display and here are a list of a few:

Event and Meeting Signs

As the name implies, these signs will announce a meeting or event. They’re usually panel and post signs placed directly outside the venue or in your business location. They contain important information about the event, including the time, location, names of the key speakers or guests, etc. If you want to promote your event, you should install these on your property.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are an ideal solution for displaying your business and company products at trade shows and events, and also make a great impact with presentations and in-store signage. Put your business front and center with banner stands. There’s no easier way to put up a banner! Set the retractable banner stand on the floor, three pole sections fit together, and you pull the graphic up to hang on the pole. This economical retractable banner stand will do the job for less. It’s the right one for those on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice looks!

Trade Show Booth Graphics

Brand it Wrap it has extensive experience in customizing their graphics to meet the specs of any business’ tradeshow booth while helping our customers stand out from the crowd. Trade show booth graphics are a great way to showcase your brand and attract the attention you want at your next trade show. Call us for a custom solution.

The Advantages of Exhibits and Displays

There are several advantages of exhibits and displays and you’ll only experience the full benefit of these signs if they’re well-designed. They need to catch the attention of your prospective customers and guests. Here are some advantages of these signs.

  • Easy to Install – These signs are very easy to install. They are light and easy to transport, which makes them very convenient.
  • Customizable – These signs can be customizable so if you regularly host events and meetings, you can order a reusable sign. They can be custom-designed to showcase your brand and highlight your logo.
  • Affordability – Event and meeting signs are very affordable and deliver great results. You will get good ROI because they immediately grab attention and bring traffic to your event.

Why Choose Us?

We have ample experience in this industry and know how to design the exhibit and display signs. We use the best materials available in the market to create your signs. Our designers will understand your needs and requirements before they design these for you. You can also upload your own logo or design to our website and we’ll make the sign promptly. You can pick it up or ask us to deliver it to your location.

If you have any questions about event and meeting signs or our other services, feel free to get in touch with us at Brand It Wrap It. We serve clients in the areas of Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, Washington D.C. & Northern Virginia.  You can call us on our number 301 838 9727 or email us on You can also fill in our contact us form.