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Debunking Vinyl Floor Wrap Myths

Debunking Vinyl Floor Wrap Myths brand it wrap it

Installing a custom vinyl floor wrap is a great way to add new dimensions to a space. But there are many myths surrounding them.

Installing a custom vinyl floor wrap has long been a great way to add new dimensions to a space. Whether you’re using it to create a temporary dance floor at a wedding or to add some promotional information at your business, they seem like a great pick. However, there have always been several myths you wind up hearing when you research vinyl floor wraps for long enough.

That said, we’re here to bust those myths and help potential vinyl floor wrap customers get the truth. We know how difficult it can be to tell what’s true and what isn’t, but our team is here to help you by tackling some of the most prominent vinyl floor wrap myths we’ve seen.

Vinyl Floor Wraps Ruin Floors

Many people fear that installing a vinyl floor wrap may ruin the floor that it’s installed on. Truthfully, this can happen sometimes. However, it’s much less of a risk than you’d think and if you work with a respected and reputable vinyl floor wrap installer, you won’t have to worry about this. A good vinyl floor wrap will be designed with removal in mind so that you won’t leave any marks or damage once it’s time to remove the wrap. Some surfaces might not be suitable for vinyl floor wrap installation, so check with your installer first.

They Won’t Be Durable Enough

Quality vinyl wraps are made from high-quality vinyl that should be durable enough to last for quite a while, maintaining the image quality and preventing any tearing. These wraps are always designed to last for weeks at a time, meaning enough durability to get you through your event or promotional period. So don’t worry too much—your vinyl wrap should be plenty durable even in high-traffic areas where hundreds of people will walk on it.

The Design Options Are Too Limited

Some people have bought into the myth that the typical vinyl floor wrap will be a small, white wrap with a bit of design in the middle. While those are commonly seen, it’s far from the only way to design these kinds of wraps. These designs can be fully customizable, whether you need specific artwork, the right colors, or any other design elements. Let your imagination run wild!

There Aren’t Enough Sizing Options

No one wants to be limited to a few set size options. Many providers allow you to choose exactly what kind of wrap you’ll end up with, including the size. Whether you’re looking for a smaller design for a grocery store aisle or larger ones to cover a whole dance floor, you can be sure to find an option that will fit for you.

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