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Using Bold Colors to Enhance Your Car Wrap Design

Using Bold Colors to Enhance Your Car Wrap Design brand it wrap it

Understanding how color can impact your message will help you choose the best colors for your car wrap.

By now, you know there are many incredible benefits to turning your personal or business fleet vehicles into a mobile billboard with stunning vehicle graphics. Vinyl wraps are a unique and cost-effective marketing strategy that extends your brand’s reach, allowing you to promote your business in a larger geographic area than traditional signage. But your design has to be great for your car wrap to be effective. Here are some tips and tricks for integrating bold colors into your car wrap design.

Why Color Matters

The initial process of designing your car wrap can feel overwhelming. You want the design to be aesthetic and eye-catching but not obnoxious, and it must also look professional. You want it to include all the relevant information about your business but for that information to also be easily and quickly absorbed as your car passes. It’s a big undertaking, so professional design help is crucial. Once you sit down with your designer, color is one of the first things you’ll likely discuss. Color does a lot of work in the design process. Different colors evoke different emotions and have different connotations and cultural significance. The right color choices can also make your wrap easier to read and remember. Understanding how color can impact your message will help you choose the best colors for your car wrap.

Bold Colors Capture Attention

Bold colors are more eye-catching, so they are typically used on vehicle wraps. The major benefit of car wraps is that they allow your message to travel, but they also travel pretty fast – you don’t want a wrap that just blends into the background. Typically, even if your brand colors tend to be unremarkable or muted, there should be something bold and eye-catching about the colors on your car wrap to make it stand out (but the bold colors shouldn’t be on specific branding elements if your brand identity tends toward neutrals).

Utilize Color Combinations And Associations

When choosing bold colors to make your car wrap stand out, use color associations and combinations to your advantage. Common associations (like green for money, luck, or the environment or red for fire, warmth, or high energy) can help you convey information about your brand or product. Choosing opposite colors in the color wheel can provide good contrast but try to limit your designs to no more than three major colors so it doesn’t become too cluttered.

Brand It Wrap It Is the Best Choice for Vehicle Graphics

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