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Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Window Graphics

Done well, window graphics can be one of the most effective ways to draw traffic in your business. Whereas fleet wraps can advertise your small business when on the road or parked in a parking lot, window graphics come into play when potential customers are right outside your store. They can be the final factor that makes people decide to enter and give you their business. But they need to be eye-catching to work. Here are some tips for designing eye-catching window graphics.

Tips for Creating Eye-Catching Window Graphics

Your window graphics won’t draw in business unless they’re eye-catching. Here are some design tips.

Don’t Rush In!

When it comes to creating eye-catching window graphics, one thing you definitely want to avoid is rushing into your design. Like with all endeavors, it can be a big help to take some time and think about the direction you want your graphics to take.

Keep in mind that, for some people, your window graphics will be their first impression of your small business. Make it count.

Use Bold Colors

Bold colors aren’t always considered tasteful. On a fleet wrap, for instance, some people choose to avoid them. But fleet wraps are by their very nature more eye-catching than window graphics.

Try to use bold colors in your window graphics as much as you can while still remaining true to your small business’ image. Don’t choose neutral colors that will disappear into the background.

Go Big–But Not Too Big

If you’re trying to design an eye-catching window graphic, you might feel tempted to make it as big as you can. We understand this desire. The bigger it is, the more eyes it will catch. But this is also something we’d urge against.

Excessively large window graphics just aren’t tasteful. They can come off as trying too hard to win the attention of passers-by. Not just that, but they can make it difficult for potential customers to peer into your store.

Trust your gut; if you think it’s too big, it probably is.

Take Your Time

Once you feel you’ve settled on a design you feel satisfied with, you might feel tempted to pull the trigger. This is something else we’d like to urge against. What you like one day you may not like the next. In most instances, it doesn’t hurt to let a few days go by so that you can re-evaluate late on down the line.

After all, window graphics are an investment. While you’re never stuck with them—they’re easy to remove and replace—it’s easiest if you pick a design you’re happy with from the start. That said, don’t wait for too long. If you’re in love with the design, then by all means send it in.

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