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The Fundamentals of Car Wrap Care

If you’ve recently invested in a car wrap, you can expect it to last for five years or longer. But remember: a car wrap really is an investment. This means that you have to maintain them as much as you can to enjoy their longest possible lifespan. Keep in mind, though, that car wrap care is a bit different from caring for regular old paint. Here are some fundamentals to take in.

The Fundamentals of Car Wrap Care

If you want your car wrap to last as long as possible, you should give it the care it needs.

Can I Use an Automated Car Wash?

Car wrap owners should be careful when it comes to drive-through car washes. We don’t mean that you have to avoid them completely; you just have to do some research and make sure you’re bringing it to the right place.

What you’re looking for is a car wash that uses water spray, but no brushes. Anything other than water spray could corrode your wrap, and brushes tend to peel and lift the edges. When possible, hand washing is always preferable.

How Should I Handle Tough Stains Like Bird Droppings or Tree Sap?

You should do your darndest to address tough stains such as bird droppings or tree sap immediately. If you let them remain on the wrap, they could end up causing lasting damage.

As for how you should get rid of these, your best bet is warm water with some kind of soapy cleaner. But you should be careful about what type of cleaner you use. Here are a few things you should absolutely avoid:

  • Most household cleaners (do some research first!)
  • Solvents
  • Any cleaner with an oil base

Simple Green or even isopropyl alcohol can help you handle some problem spots. If you’ve found a cleaner you think might do the trick, your best practice is to test it on a small portion of your car wrap first. Finally, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth to prevent abrasion.

What Else Can I Do To Keep My Wrap Clean?

Often, prevention is the best policy when it comes to car wrap care. If you leave your vehicle underneath a messy street tree like a mulberry or Bradford pear, you’re going to end up having to clean your wrap a lot more often than you could otherwise.

We understand that not everyone has the luxury of parking off the street. That’s always the best option, but if it isn’t possible for you, take care to park your car away from messy trees, direct sunlight, and anything else that can harm the wrap. If you fail to do this, your vehicle wrap will need replacement before its time.

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