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How Bad Business Signs Hurt Sales

Done right, signage is a small business owner’s best friend. Especially if your business is new on the scene, there are few better ways to get the word out than with an original and compelling sign. But when they’re done wrong, business signs are more than just a waste of money; bad signs could negatively impact sales. Here’s why.

How Bad Business Signs Hurt Sales

Done right, signage can be a business owner’s best friend. But here’s how business signs can go wrong.

Poor Name Recognition

If you’ve recently opened a small business, one of your top marketing concerns should be boosting name recognition. Your competitors have an advantage over you, as they may have been in the field for years prior and had time to build up some local reputation.

But you don’t have this luxury. This is where business signs come in. Just because someone views your sign and doesn’t immediately give you business doesn’t mean the sign isn’t doing its job. If they noticed the sign and it left a positive impression on them, then that’s the first step toward bringing in more traffic: awareness.

Turn Customers Away

When designing business signs, you want the worst-case scenario to be that a potential customer takes a look at the sign and has a neutral reaction to it. But when signage is really bad, things can get messy. Someone might take one look at your sign and decide not to support your business.

This scenario is common when a business inadvertently offends potential customers. But even without going that far, poor design can have a similar effect. Let’s say you design a sign that is hard to read—either because of poor placement or text that doesn’t contrast with the background. Someone could see your sign, become frustrated, and walk away from your business for good.

Fewer People Enter Your Business

Earlier, we mentioned that even a perfectly designed sign won’t necessarily cause people to enter your business immediately and make a purchase. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen sometimes.

It is far more difficult to track conversions with business signs than it is in the world of digital marketing. Still, you should keep in mind that your sign will be, for many-a-potential-customer, their very first impression of your business. With smart design, and a little luck, you might just sell them on your business from the start.

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