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Perks of Partial Wraps

Last week, we went over 3 different kinds of vinyl wraps. One of these three was a partial wrap, which—as you might have guessed—only covers a portion of the vehicle as opposed to its entire body. But we didn’t dive too deeply into what makes partial wraps such an appealing option for small business owners. Today, we’d like to remedy that. Here are some of the biggest perks of partial wraps.

Perks of Partial Wraps

Sometimes, a full wrap is more than you need. Here are some perks of partial wraps.


Let’s start out with what you’re dying to know: yes, partial wraps are typically cheaper than full wraps. This results naturally from the fact that they require less material. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that, just because partial wraps are cheaper, that they’re a worse product. In fact, they can often be a more practical option for business owners—and not just due to their affordability.

Easier to Swap in and Out

With a full fleet wrap or window graphics, your best practice is generally to avoid including information that’s likely to change. This could include deals, promotions, or prices. Still, sometimes there is a promotion that you just need to advertise even if it won’t last for terribly long. Your vehicle is the perfect way to do exactly that.

To advertise a temporary promotion, we can’t recommend full wraps in earnest. But partial wraps make a great option because they’re relatively easy to swap out—not to mention that they’re easier on the wallet.

They Look Great

Finally, we want to touch on one point that people too often get wrong with partial wraps. Too many people are put off from the idea of partial wraps due to the misunderstanding that they don’t look good. But when they’re done well, a partial wrap can look every bit as good as a full one.

Still, you might need to put a little more care into your getting the design of your partial wrap just right. You want to pick colors that contrast smartly from the color of the paint, but not so much that it appears out of place. When done right, you’d hardly know you were only looking at a partial wrap!

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