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Rebranding Your Fleet Vehicles

Rebranding Your Fleet Vehicles brand it wrap it

Eventually, you may find yourself considering a rebranding of your fleet vehicles.

Employing fleet wraps is a great way to advertise your business and promote your store or brand. Car wraps are like mobile billboards and they are a great marketing strategy. By wrapping your whole fleet in vinyl graphics, you improve the efficacy of the marketing strategy by spreading it out over your whole service area. Eventually, you may find yourself considering a rebranding of your fleet. Let’s investigate the details about rebranding your fleet vehicles to help you choose. 

Are You Merging Or Otherwise Changing Your Business?

If you are changing something about your business – merging with another organization, acquiring or being acquired, or something similar – new vehicle wraps are a good call. You can use the new car wraps to announce the news about the changes that are coming and to answer some of the most pressing questions. For instance, your wrap could list both the old and the new names as you proceed through the total rebranding for your company.

Are You Changing Something About Your Brand?

Even if your business isn’t changing, you might still be undergoing a rebranding effort. If you change anything about your visual brand identity, including the logo, font, or colors, it is likely time for a rebranding of your fleet. It doesn’t make any sense to drive around with your old logos or color while simultaneously trying to get people used to the new look. 

Are You Offering A New Product Or Service?

If you have recently started to offer a new flagship product or service, that is also a good reason to rebrand your fleet. If you highlight the new product or service on your fleet vehicles, you will increase the likelihood of current customers trying it out and gaining new customers. Getting lots of eyes on your new product or service is the best way to improve its success. 

Are Your Current Fleet Graphics Old?

Even if none of the above is true, it might still be time to rebrand your fleet. Fleet wraps don’t last forever, and if yours are starting to look older, worn out, faded, or starting to peel, it is time to change them out. Generally speaking, vehicle graphics that are 7 years old or older need a refresh. 

Brand It Wrap It Is the Best Choice for Vehicle Graphics

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