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The Vinyl Wrap Tools for Success

vinyl wrap tools

If you want a final product that looks this good, you need the right tools.

Like a lot of other professions, installing vinyl wraps requires you have the right tools in order to do a good job. Whether it’s a color change wrap or a whole fleet of commercial vehicles, having the best tools available on hand will ensure a quality installation. If you’ve ever wondered what these professionals need to get the job done, we’ve got some insight into what tools make a vinyl wrap application a breeze.

Clean Vehicle

A car needs to be clean before it’s wrapped, but a regular wash and rinse isn’t enough. Every inch that’s going to be wrapped needs to be meticulously cleaned and degreased to ensure there’s a sure bond between the wrap and the body of the vehicle. Don’t forget to completely dry it, too!

Good Tools

For a perfect vinyl wrap application a sharp knife is imperative. Just like they taught it in Boy Scouts, the sharper the knife the safer and easier the job. Since it will take less effort to cut the wrap, there’s less of a chance for paintwork scoring. A non-abrasive squeegee helps lay the vinyl down evenly, and a small roller is great for pushing out tiny air bubbles.

The Right Wrap

The right wrap is the most important tool for this job. Pre-cured wraps come in different colors and textures, while digitally printed wraps have custom designs and graphics printed on them. All wraps used for vehicles should be cast vinyl, as opposed to calendared. Cast vinyl use an adhesive appropriate for use on vehicles, and conform to the body lines of a vehicle better than calendared wraps.

Brand It Wrap It

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