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What are the Different Types of Vinyl Wraps

types of vinyl wraps

This is an example of a digitally printed wrap that was first designed on a computer program before being printed.

Vinyl wraps might all seem the same, but there are actually a few important differences between the different types of wraps. This week we are going to go over the different kinds of vinyl wraps out there so if you ever decide you need a fleet wrap or a vehicle wrap, you’ll have more information on your side.

Digitally Printed Wraps

Digitally printed wraps are just that, vinyl wraps with custom graphics digitally printed on them. The term “digitally printed” just means that an image created on a computer is converted into a physical image by a printer. Usually when having fleet wraps installed, a designer will create custom graphics based on your specifications that will be printed and applied to your vehicles.

Pre-Cured Wraps

These types of vinyl wraps come in a variety of solid colors and different textures. Carbon fiber is a popular pre-cured wrap choice, as are different colored chrome wraps and matte finish wraps. Since there aren’t any custom graphics on pre-cured wraps, individuals looking for a fresh new look or hoping to protect the original paint on their vehicle choose pre-cured wraps.

Calendared and Cast Vinyl Wrap

Calendared and cast vinyl wraps are the two types of wraps out there, but cast is the only one that should be used for vehicle wraps. Cast vinyl wraps are far more conformable than calendared wraps and don’t leave a residue behind when they are removed. Calendared wraps use a more aggressive adhesive that leaves is difficult to remove and leaves behind a sticky residue. Since cast vinyl wraps use an adhesive more suitable for vehicle wraps they can be repositioned while being applied without damaging the wrap.

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