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The Practical Side of Commercial Graphics

commercial graphics

Certain commercial graphics are required by law in order to keep your customers and employees safe.

Commercial graphics serve a lot of different purposes. Whether it’s branding, advertising, or grabbing attention at a trade show, commercial graphics are an important tool for business owners. These tools have a practical, even legal, side too. Property management signs help business convey vital information for convenience and safety.

Parking Lots

Clearly marked handicap parking and no parking signs not only help keep your parking lot orderly, they are required for ADA compliance. Clearly marked handicapped parking signs and no parking signs for things like fire lanes are required by law. Your signs need to be clearly visible and easy to read.


Having the location of your bathrooms clearly marked will free your employees from having to constantly answer the question, “Where are your bathrooms?” This will give them more time to do their job and less time to play tour guide.  

Exits and Entrances

This one’s probably a little obvious. Clearly marked exits and entrances are vital to safely evacuating a building during an emergency, so you need to make sure your signs are in highly visible locations. Just as important as exit signs are “Not an Exit” signs for hallways and doors that could be confused for a way out of the building during an emergency.

Brand It Wrap It

Brand It Wrap It, Custom Signs and Vehicle Graphics is a full-service sign and wrap company committed to providing high quality affordable indoor/outdoor custom signage and vehicle graphic solutions to businesses of all sizes in Rockville, Maryland, Virginia, the Washington DC Metro community and nationwide.

Exceptional customer service, the latest technology, attention to detail, quality products, competitive pricing has proven to be our greatest asset.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and produce effective custom signage that helps you promote your company’s image, attracts new customers, delivers your message, and gives your corporate image a creative edge.

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