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Why Invest in Fleet Wraps

Fleet wraps vehicle Wrapping with branding

You don’t have to have a huge fleet of vehicles for fleet wraps to make sense for your business.

Driving to work in the morning you might notice something interesting. There are a lot of people on the road. Like, a lot. About two-thirds of the American workforce drives alone to work everyday, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. If you’re a business owner, maybe in a company vehicle, you might be thinking, “If only there were some way I could let all of these people know about my business and what we do in a memorable way while we’re all sitting here in traffic.” We have a solid suggestion of how you can do exactly that, no matter how big or small your business is.

Mobile Advertising

Your fleet is out on the road every day, so why not take advantage of all that real estate out in the world anyway? Vinyl wraps offer tons of design potential that can be tapped into to make your fleet an eye-catching advertisement for your business. Including your business’s phone number, website address, or your store’s physical address will help potential customers contact you more easily. A great graphic can help promote your brand identity and get people interested in what you do. Since they cover the entirety of your vehicle’s exterior vinyl wraps will keep the paint safe from damage while the wrap is on, too.

But My Business Is Pretty Small

Even better! If you only have a few company vehicles, fleet wraps are a great way to get a professional, cohesive look and give your company more of an identity. Plus, fleet wraps are a great way to generate awareness in a broader audience than other types of advertising.

Brand It Wrap It

Brand It Wrap It, Custom Signs and Vehicle Graphics is a full-service sign and wrap company committed to providing high quality affordable indoor/outdoor custom signage and vehicle graphic solutions to businesses of all sizes in Rockville, Maryland, Virginia, the Washington DC Metro community and nationwide.

Exceptional customer service, the latest technology, attention to detail, quality products, competitive pricing has proven to be our greatest asset.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and produce effective custom signage that helps you promote your company’s image, attracts new customers, delivers your message, and gives your corporate image a creative edge.

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