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Four Vinyl Wrap Myths

vinyl wrap

Plenty of people think wraps will obscure your view, but that’s simply not true.

Despite all of the advantages of vinyl car wraps, whether for your personal vehicle or company car fleet, there are still misconceptions that they do more harm than good. Let’s go ahead and squash some of those myths right now, so if you’re thinking about having a wrap installed on your car you can have your facts straight.

It’ll Damage Your Paint

We’ve gone over this a few times before but it’s probably the most common misconception when it comes to vinyl wraps. The type of vinyl wrap used on vehicles is made to adhere and be removed without damaging the paint. Cast vinyl wraps are the kind used on vehicles because of the type of adhesive used and because they are much easier to work with than other kinds of vinyl wraps.

It’s Hard to Remove

This goes hand in hand with our last point. Cast vinyl wraps are made with the understanding that they will be removed from the vehicle one day. When removed by professionals, ideally at the same location you had the wrap applied, they can come off without any damage to the paint or adhesive residue.

You Can’t Wrap a Leased Car

Since vinyl wraps actually protect the paint and are fairly easy to remove, they don’t pose a threat of damaging a leased car. Since leasing is a popular tactic for many businesses, it’s surprisingly common for a wrapping company to work on a leased car fresh off the lot. It’s always a good idea to double check with your dealership before having the wrap installed, though.

It’ll Block Your View

This one just isn’t true. Window graphics are printed on perforated film that lets you see out even if no one can see in. Adding window graphics to your vinyl wrap can help create a more uniform look over the entirety of the vehicle and gives your more surface area for your custom graphics.

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