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How to Use Interior Graphics for Direction

Here are some ways that you can use interior graphics to give directions.

When you welcome customers into your building, you want to make sure that they have the best experience possible. Interior graphics can help eliminate any confusion or frustration when people visit your building by showing them exactly where they should and shouldn’t go. Here are some ways that you can use interior graphics to give directions.


Adding signs to point out certain areas of your building is the most straightforward choice. But there are a large variety of options for quality signs so that you can find exactly what fits for you. You can have large banner stands for events to highlight a certain area, such as a table for a special offer. There are also vinyl signs, board signs, and more.

Floor Graphics 

A very functional and out of the box option are floor graphics. They work great as a safety measure because they don’t get in the way. Also, because they are located on the floor, you can indicate certain hazards, like a place that has a step-down. Putting a floor graphic on what would otherwise be a tripping hazard often works better than a traditional sign because it shows a person exactly where to avoid the hazard.

Wall Graphics

Lastly, wall graphics are the best for semi-permanent and permanent use. Because of this, they are often used as decorative features like a mural. However, wall graphics are also good for directional use. You can place arrows to point the direction for certain areas of your building, like the restroom. Wall graphics are much less expensive than a plaque directory, which means you can add more than you normally would.

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