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3 Kinds of Commercial Signage

Here are three of the most common kinds of business signage that you can take advantage of.

When it comes to marketing your business, signage is a very important category in commercial graphics. Knowing what is the right type of signage to use for promoting your business is helpful. Here are three of the most common kinds of business signage that you can take advantage of.


One very important use for business signage is to inform. It can be to direct your customers and guests to different places so that they won’t get lost if you have a large interior. Information signs include those for distinguishing different departments, pointing out areas, as well as directional and wayfinding signs. The goal of informative signage is to help customers have an easier time navigating your building without having to constantly stop and ask an employee for directions, which creates a better experience for everyone.


Another useful type of business signage is those put outside of your business. Posting outdoor signage gives you a way to invite passersby in. It can be as simple as a promotional banner stand with your offers for the day or you can incorporate it permanently as a window graphic or logo on your awning. By placing signage at the entrance of your building you are making sure that people will notice and remember your business. Even if your outdoor signage doesn’t bring everyone in, it will let people know that you are there and they are more likely to come back if they see it.


Lastly, persuasive signage is very popular with business because it is the most direct way to encourage customers to try out a product or service that your business offers. This type of signage is typical for featuring current sales and promotions. By using persuasive signage you not only call attention to items that might have been overlooked but you can get customers excited by specialty products and limited time offers.

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