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How to Update Your Business’s Brand for 2019

Thinking about what your current brand is saying about your business? Maybe updating your brand is the fresh start that you need to launch into 2019.

Rebranding may sound like a long undertaking to your business, but maybe it’s the fresh start that you need to launch into 2019. Last year, we talked about design trends that businesses were using to grow and evolve. But now let’s take a look at some comprehensive ways to keep your business relevant.

Why Update?

Unless you just rebranded your business, you might not have considered updating your marketing look for a while. Your company doesn’t have to be in desperate need of fresh income to start thinking about ways to bring in new customers. Things could be going great. But as a forward-thinking entrepreneur, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to improve. A couple of signs that your current brand is hitting a plateau are if your identity as a company has evolved since the last time you updated your logo, or if you notice that you’re starting to blend in with your competition. If your wraps, signs, or interior graphics are showing physicals signs of age and wear, then it’s time for a new look.

Out with the Old…

The way you should start updating your brand is to figure out what no longer works. Brainstorm some ideas for your logo with a professional and figure out how you want to convey your business’s identity. Is it time for a color change? Or maybe just you want to brighten up your signature color a shade. Likewise, you might want to totally scrap your old logo and start over or just tweak what you already have. The point is to think about what your current brand is saying about your business and how far off it is from what you want it to say now. Overall, a good rule of thumb is to look for what customers are attracted to these days. But make sure that your new look is still recognizable and true to your business’s identity.

In with the New!

Once you’ve got an idea of what needs updating, giving your brand image a reboot can be exciting. There are several things you can do to rebrand your company. With updating your logo, you can try out variations to your company’s font, and streamline your slogan. You can also expand your advertising to online platforms by getting a company website or adding on social media accounts.

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