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The Do’s and Don’ts of Interior Graphics

Interior graphics can be a great way to bring in potential customers. But, when done poorly, they can push them away as well.

Creating well crafted interior graphics for your business may seem like a challenge, but it’s very worthwhile. Using your windows for graphics is a great way to draw in customers and keep repeat customers interested. Before you commit to any interior graphics, there are a few factors you’ll want to take into consideration. While graphics can be a great way to bring people in, when done poorly, they can push them away as well.  

Do Consider The Viewing Surfaces

Especially for window graphics, there are two viewing experiences to consider – those looking into your business from outside, and those inside looking out. There are several options to consider including clear designs that let in plenty of natural light and allow viewers on both sides a clear line of sight. Frosted windows allow in the light as well, but they offer a little added privacy. Lastly, opaque windows can be a great option in tough climates as they can allow for easier climate control and energy efficiency.

Do Take A Less-Is-More Approach

When it comes to design, a less-is-more take will always look better and more professional. Often, graphics can become too cluttered and will be less effective. When a design has too much going on the viewer’s eye will lose focus, and they won’t take in as much information and may skim over the pertinent details.

Don’t Skimp On Materials

Perhaps the biggest mistake that many business owners make when deciding on window and interior graphics is to go for the cheapest option. Your graphics will be one of the first and last things that anyone passing by your business sees. If they’re low quality or poorly done, it will quickly become obvious and reflect badly on your business as a whole.

Don’t Forget About Fonts

When you are looking into lettering for your windows, you’ll need to consider font type, size, and color. Keeping your branding consistent is an important step – consider the font style and color schemes you use on other advertising items. Additionally, be sure to take legibility into account. If your information is spaced poorly, too small, or in a hard to read font you may discourage potential customers.


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