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Creative Ways to Use Wall Wraps to Promote Your Company Image

Below are a couple of fun ideas for wall wraps that people don’t usually think of.

As far as interior graphics go, wall wraps can really make a statement in your company building. But if you’ve already used them to feature your business’s logo and mission statement, then you might be searching for more ideas to make the most of your wall spaces. Below are a couple of fun ideas for wall wraps that people don’t usually think of.


Sometimes, when we think of wall graphics, we separate pictures and logos from words. Or at the very least we limit the blending of image and lettering to a tagline off to the side of the picture. But there are a lot of ways to get creative with mixing in facts and tidbits of information with graphics, so that it captures customer interest. It could be simple as a timeline of your company’s history with photos, or an infographic-style diagram that is full of fun facts about something your business specializes in. While it is good to remember to keep your design simple, an in-depth feature wall wrap encourages a customer to come back to find another layer of the story.

Company Culture

Your company’s mission statement or a list of core values are things that will always look great in the form of a wall wrap. But if you are looking for something a little different, you can find interesting, abstract ways to display what your company is about. Try mimicking a tag cloud, where various words and short phrases in different colors are fitted together like a puzzle. You can make your tag cloud shaped into anything you want, even your company logo.

Personal Touches

Many customers like to feel a personal connection with a business, and if they can know the human side of your company, it makes them feel like they can trust you. Corporate wall wraps can feature a picture of your company’s founder, or an important quote from them. You can even put the founding story on the wall, or a message addressed to the target customer base. If there is anything that you want to share or showcase about your company, then there is a way to make it happen with wall wraps.

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