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The Benefits of Floor Graphics

The Benefits of Floor Graphics brand it wrap it

Customizable and attention-grabbing floor graphics are a great route to go.

As any business knows, finding ways to get your brand out there is always a top priority. There’s no use in making great products or having fantastic service if no one knows you exist. Here at Brand It Wrap It, we often recommend using floor graphics, which can be a great way to grow your business.

Customizable and attention-grabbing, floor graphics are a great route to go, whether in retail or some other area of business. Here are our tips on using floor graphics and some benefits you can expect to see once you do.

Build Your Brand

By using a custom floor graphic, you can expect to grow your brand and awareness around it. Placing floor decals around high-traffic areas allows you to easily display a logo, motto, core values, or anything else you’re trying to promote within your brand identity. You could even use your graphics as an opportunity to promote a specific achievement or award that you’ve recently won. That way, your customers can quickly get to know who you are and what you’re all about.

Promotion-Specific Graphics

Have a sale coming up? Launching a new, revolutionary product? These are all good reasons to use floor graphics. Business floorspace is free, underutilized advertising space, perfect for drawing eyes and getting people to notice you. Floor graphics are affordable enough that you can even use them for temporary promotions or discounts. Once you’re wrapped up, it’s easy enough to remove them and potentially swap in a new one for whatever’s next on your promotional list.

Save Space

One big perk of using floor graphics is that they don’t take up nearly as much room as traditional signs or posters. Too many graphics at eye level can become distracting, protruding into valuable walking space and impeding the flow of foot traffic. Floor decals are simple, require otherwise unused space, and can be just as eye-catching as anything eye-level anyway.

Create Direction

Speaking of foot traffic, floor graphics can be useful in directing your customers as to where they should go. Simple arrows are good enough if you’re working with aisles, but even something like a subtle “NEW!” on the floor next to a recently-released product can help direct people to what you’re trying to sell.

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