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Common Myths About Car Wraps

Common Myths About Car Wraps brand it wrap it

Car wraps are still relatively unknown to many people, so let’s address and dispense some myths about them.

If your business is looking for a new and unique means of advertising, something sure to be seen by many eyes and increase the recognition of your brand, car wraps are an increasingly popular choice. Vehicle wraps are emerging as a new advertising and marketing option because they allow you to brand your business automobiles (making it easier to recognize them in the field) and have the equivalent of a mobile billboard. Vinyl wraps are still relatively unknown to many people, so let’s address and dispense with a handful of myths about them so that you are better equipped to decide if they are a good marketing strategy for your business.

Do Vinyl Wraps Require A Lot Of Maintenance?

The idea that vinyl wraps require significantly more maintenance than a regular paint job is false. Both require you to routinely wash your car. The main difference is that some people will choose to run through an automatic carwash when their paint job gets dirty. With a vinyl car wrap, you can’t do that. Automatic carwashes can damage the car wrap. So is it more work to wash your car by hand? Sure it is, but that doesn’t add to significantly more maintenance – especially if you already hand wash your car sometimes. 

Can Vinyl Wraps Damage Paint?

Applying a wrap professionally will not damage your paint job, despite this pervasive myth. When the installation is done correctly, there will not be any rust, flaking, scratches, or other damage to the original paint job. 

Do Vinyl Wraps Obstruct Vision?

Some people think that vinyl wraps obstruct vision, but they don’t. When a vinyl wrap covers a window, it has lots of little holes in it. From inside the car, you can still see clearly. From a distance, the wrap appears intact and uniform. 

Is Vinyl Wrapping A Vehicle Easy?

So this myth seems counterintuitive: Wrapping a vehicle will be very easy for you because you’re going to find the right car wrap installer and get it done professionally. You won’t have to stress or worry, and the result will be fantastic. The actual process of installing a car wrap, however, is not easy. It is not a job for a novice or a DIYer to attempt independently (the result will be bad). There are lots of steps and equipment needed to make it look smooth (without bubbles or visible seams) and beautiful when done. 

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