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What Are the Legalities Surrounding Car Wraps?

What Are the Legalities Surrounding Car Wraps? brand it wrap it

Some legalities come into play with car wraps that you’ll want to be aware of when meeting with your car wrap installer.

Commercial wraps are one of the best ways to customize your work vehicles, and they also provide you with an easy way to market while driving around town. However, some legalities come into play with car wraps that you’ll want to be aware of when meeting with your car wrap installer. 

Check Local Laws for Your Area

There are no federal laws or regulations prohibiting car wraps. However, states and cities can have their own laws and restrictions that you need to abide by. Some states consider car wraps a type of movable advertisement, so they are prohibited in addition to things like moving billboards. Additionally, some cities like San Francisco specifically ban advertising on vehicles. Before you meet with your car wrap installer, make sure that you know the legal situation where you live. 

Follow Homeowners’ Association Guidelines

When you live in an area with a homeowner’s association or HOA, you are subject to additional rules that may have nothing at all to do with state or federal law. Some HOAs prohibit vehicles with car wraps from being parked in a visible area or somewhere other than a garage. Check the bylaws before you add commercial wraps to your vehicle to ensure that you won’t run afoul of any rules. 

Commercial Vehicle Registration Rules May Apply

Once you’ve figured out that you are eligible for commercial wraps and won’t run into any issues, you can work with your car wrap installer to start the process. Depending on state laws, you might need to register your vehicle as a commercial one. This allows you to use commercial wraps to advertise as you drive. We can assist you in determining what hoops (if any) you need to jump through before installation. 

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