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The Best Business Signage for Outdoors

Here are some of the best types of outdoor signage that you can use for you business.

It’s getting colder outside, which means that your storefront probably won’t see as much foot traffic. Aside from online sales and delivery, there is a simple way that you can attract more customers through signage. Here are some of the best types of outdoor signage that you can use for your business.


The great thing about banners is that they’re hard to miss. You can put them over your doorway and easily make your storefront stand out. They’re easily customizable so that you can advertise specific events and promotions, or put your logo and company name front and center. Plus, banners come in a variety of materials, like durable vinyl that can stand up to harsh weather. The one thing to keep in mind is that banners make a good impact as long as you don’t overdo it. For example, a huge red banner is perfect for a Black Friday or Christmas sale, but leaving it up every day will make it lose its effect.

A-Frame Signs

Whether or not you have heard of A-frame signs, they are so common that you have certainly seen them around. These signs stand up like a triangle or A shape, which is what gives them their name, and you can utilize both sides of the sign to advertise your store. A-frame signs can come in many sizes and they can be lightweight or sturdy. The portable nature of A-Frame signs is something to keep in mind, and you will need to firmly anchor them down to prevent theft or a strong wind blowing them away. But they are ideal if you are looking for the type of sign that you can easily put out and take away depending on when you are open.

Window Graphics

Lastly, window graphics are a simple and easy addition for any store. They can be any size and shape you want depending on the space that you have to put them. And since they are installed inside of your store, you won’t have to worry about weather exposure. Window graphics are great when you are looking for something convenient and classy.

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