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3 Great Window Graphics for Your Business

Here are three of the best types of window graphics that you can use.

If you have been thinking of ways to jazz up your building and attract customers, then window graphics are a great choice. They are a simple addition that comes in a variety of types. Here are three of the best types of window graphics that you can use.

Vinyl Decals

Often considered the standard in window graphics, vinyl decals are popular because it is durable and easy to apply. Not only can they come in a limitless selection of colors, but they are easy to cut and shape by hand, which makes them DIY friendly. You can easily order vinyl decals that are customized to your business’s logo design.

Static Cling Sticker

A static cling sticker is on the opposite end of the spectrum from a vinyl decal. First, it is very thin and usually comes in a plastic sheet. Also, static cling stickers will more often come without adhesive, and they get their name for their ability to cling my themselves to a window. Because static cling stickers look better when translucent, your color options might be more limited. But they are a great choice when you need something that is easy to apply and remove frequently, such as for seasonal promotions.

Perforated Window film

Lastly, perforated window film comes with a unique set of benefits. Like the name suggests, the material is literally filled with holes. These holes are small and evenly spaced so that from the outside, the image on the film is clearly visible. However, the perforations allow people on the inside of the window to be able to look out. Perforated window graphics are usually large because they are used to cover an entire window. This is a great investment if you want privacy without using blinds.

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