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How Professionals Do Car Wrap Repairs

Properly cared for, your car wrap will last for years. But eventually, it might begin to show its age. As a car wrap owner, you should know what the difference is between a wrap nearing the end of its life span and one that could use a repair. If you’re unsure, just bring it in and we can tell you. If it’s the latter, you might want to know how professionals do car wrap repairs. Here’s an overview.

Have you ever wondered how professionals do car wrap repairs? Here's an overview.

Have you ever wondered how professionals do car wrap repairs? Here’s an overview.

Cleaning the Area

Just as your car needs to be perfectly clean before we can apply a vinyl wrap, we have to do the same thing to the area that will be repaired. First, we’ll get rid of any major debris with a moistened microfiber cloth and a light detergent. Once this has dried, we will level out the surface through sanding. For this, a grit size of about 2500 works best. Then we will repeat the cleaning process.

Now is also the time to trim away any vinyl that has lifted around the damaged area. Then, we can get to work in earnest.

Cutting the Patch

How big is the area in need of repair? The answer to this question will determine how large the patch should be. We will measure the area and cut a patch of the appropriate size prior to application.

Applying the Patch

Next, we can proceed with the most exciting moment of all: applying the patch. This is essentially just like applying a full car wrap, only on a smaller scale. We slowly and carefully apply the patch to the prepared surface, squeegeeing it to handle any bubbles.

At this point, we can whip out the heat gun. Using a combination of the intense heat and squeegeeing, we can carefully stretch the film throughout the contours of the area—including any creases. The big risk we want to avoid here is over-stretching the vinyl; this is one of the mistakes people often make when they try to DIY car wrap repairs.

Finishing Up

At this point, the bulk of the work is done. But we can’t quit yet. Your best practice is to cut out a patch of vinyl slightly larger than what you think you’ll use. This means that we’ll typically end up with some excess vinyl along the edges of the patch. No worries—that can easily be trimmed.

From there, sealing the edges of the patch is absolutely crucial to ensuring that no debris—liquid or solid—can get under the patch and jeopardize its lifespan.

Car wrap repairs may seem like a simple process, but it takes an expert’s hands to get the job done perfectly.

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