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Design Tips for Fleet Wraps

Advertising is expensive. The costs of conventional forms of advertising, such as billboards and commercials, can be exorbitant. Thankfully, there are cheaper alternatives available to the small business owner that may be just as effective. One of these is fleet wraps.

Does your small business make use of vehicles? If so, it might be a good candidate for fleet wraps. Think of your vehicle as a blank canvas that you can use to advertise your business. You can transform your car into a billboard on wheels.

With vehicle wraps, the potential for customization is limitless. We hope that these tips help you develop the most effective design for your small business’ marketing needs. Check out our design tips for fleet wraps.

Design Tips for Fleet Wraps

With fleet wraps, you can transform your vehicle into a billboard on wheels. Here are some design tips for fleet wraps.

Plan, Plan, Plan

We get it—designing a car wrap is exciting. The everyday tasks of your profession might feel mundane, but this is an opportunity to act on your most creative impulses.

Still, we urge you not to act too quickly. Before you take pen to paper, get together with your cohort and come up with a plan. Ask yourselves some of the following questions:

  • Who is our target audience?
  • What tone should the text take?
  • What sorts of designs do we think are effective marketing tools?

The stronger your plan is, the better off your final wrap will be, and the more results you will see.

Make It Eye-Catching

Whatever design you choose, you want it to be eye-catching. You probably pass fleet wraps on the road every day. But how often do you really notice them?

In order to be a useful marketing tool, your wrap needs to grab the attention of passers-by. Just because it has to be eye-catching doesn’t mean it has to use vibrant colors or an outlandish design. Done right, simple, understated charm can be just as effective.

But again, your target audience is king. Think about what would draw them in. Maybe it is vibrant colors and caricatures. Maybe it’s humor. You know your clients best. What would catch their attention?

Don’t Do Too Much!

One of the biggest pitfalls of marketing with fleet wraps is overcrowding. Far too many small business owners think that the more they cram onto their wraps, the better.

We would caution against this. If there’s too much going on your wrap, your message could be lost. You might feel tempted to include things like testimonials or detailed descriptions of the product or service you provide. This might work with other forms of advertising, but not with fleet wraps. After all, most people will see your final design on the road. This doesn’t give you very much time to read. Keep it simple.

Whatever design you end up picking, keep in mind that your fleet wrap will work for you every single day it is out on the road. Whether cruising down highways, or stopped in a parking lot, you can rest assured that you’ve made a wise marketing choice by investing in fleet wraps.

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