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The Perks of Fleet Wraps and Graphics for Small Businesses

Owning a small business can be undeniably challenging. One of the constant challenges that come with the territory of small business ownership is determining which enterprises are worth your money and which are not. This is especially true in terms of marketing, as it can sometimes be difficult to quantify exactly how much benefit you’ve gained from your marketing efforts. As a small business ourselves, we feel confident that fleet wraps and graphics are worth every penny. Here’s why.

The Perks of Fleet Wraps and Graphics for Small Businesses

Fleet wraps and graphics can boost the name recognition of your small business.

Increase Name Recognition

One of the biggest challenges of small business ownership—especially when you’re just starting out—is establishing name recognition. If your small business is new, it can be challenging to get your name to stand out among the more well-established companies that provide similar services.

Fleet wraps and graphics are some of the easiest ways to boost name recognition for your small business. This is because they will do their work wherever they are. They could help draw eyes to your brand name even when in your own parking lot. And, especially with clever design, they’re bound to get some attention when on the road.

Protect Your Paint

Managing a fleet isn’t cheap. We’re sure you already know this, but it does help to reiterate. One of the most obnoxious expenses that comes with keeping your small business’ fleet in great shape is protecting your OEM paint.

If you don’t maintain your paint, you will pay the price. If a vehicle in your fleet has faded, scratched, or chipped paint, it reflects poorly on your business as a whole. It’s recommended you get your OEM paint washed once per week.

One of the best perks of vinyl wraps is that they protect the paint underneath. Sure, wraps require a bit of maintenance as well to have the maximum lifespan. But it’s far simpler to do and far less fussy than with regular paint.

Save Money

Some people are deterred from investing in fleet wraps and graphics by the cost. We sympathize with this, but would caution against it. We understand that it can be a bit daunting when we give you our estimate. But the truth is that this is an investment, and—like any investment—it could end up saving you money in the long run.

Let’s start with the obvious—fleet wraps are almost certainly less expensive than custom paint jobs. This is especially true when in the case of wrapping fleets, because identical wraps can easily be duplicated. Then, keep in mind the money you will save by not having to keep up with your OEM paint.

Finally, remind yourself that, from day 1, your fleet wraps and graphics will be working to drive more customers to your business. And it will continue to do so every day for years. You can expect to get much of your investment back in new profits.

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