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How to Design Eye-Catching Window Graphics for Your Business

Here are some tips for designing the best window graphics for your business.

Commercial graphics is one of the best ways to make your storefront stand out from the road. And one very useful but overlooked category is window graphics; they are not only versatile but easy to customize. Here are some tips for designing the best window graphics for your business.

Size and Proportion

The first thing you should consider when designing your window graphic is the size. Depending on what amount of space you have on your window, you want to make sure that your graphic will look like it fits comfortably. Also, think about the different proportions between elements of your window graphics, such as the size of your text compared to the logo, for example.

Color Contrast

The most fun part of the design process is getting to experiment with colors. If your business already has a logo and theme colors, then that is the perfect place to start. But if you’re not sure, then you should remember that it’s best to keep it simple. Try having just one or two colors that contrast with your design or text so that it will stand out. 


When you are designing window graphics for your business, your goal is for them to promote your brand. If you already have a logo designed for your business, then you will need to slightly rethink it to work as a window graphic. A window graphic gives you the unique opportunity and challenge of working with a transparent surface. You can embrace it by making parts of your logo see-through, or you can go totally opaque. Either way, you can play around with the natural light and shadow in your design.

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