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Why Vehicle Wraps Are Better Than Paint


Why Vehicle Wraps Are Better Than Paint brand it wrap it

Some people still opt to go the old-school route of using a paint job instead of getting a car wrap.

Promoting your business on a vehicle is always a great idea. It’s essentially a mobile billboard and can help get more eyes, and more interest, on your business. Vehicle wrapping is one way to do this but some people still opt to go the old-school route of using a paint job instead. However, we believe that vehicle wrapping is a superior alternative—and not just because we can help you with your vehicle wraps either! There are a number of benefits that vehicle wraps have over paint when it comes to advertising your business on a vehicle. 

A Quicker Job

The more time you have on the road, the more people become familiar with your business, the more profitable you’ll be. Since time is money, it’s important to note that vehicle wrapping is much quicker than painting is. Once you have a design down, applying a wrap is quick and can be done on a car, bus, van, or truck. Better yet, apply your vehicle wrap design to an entire fleet and you’ll have a greater chance of getting your name out there.

Protect Paintwork

Paint is fairly easy to damage and that damage depreciates the value of your vehicle. Even tiny scrapes or marks can not only reduce the value of your vehicles, it can also make you appear less professional. If you plan on reselling vehicles down the road, vinyl wrapping is a good option because it preserves your original paint job and is easy to remove, so you have more flexibility with your vehicle.

Easier to Maintain

Creating an engaging design on your vehicle by using paint is going to require plenty of maintenance. This includes waxing, which is a difficult job that you likely want to avoid spending the time and energy on. Unlike paint, vehicle wrapping just requires a quick wipe with a cloth to get rid of any dirt. It’s easier to maintain which gives you more time to focus on what matters with your business.

Make More Changes

Paint jobs are difficult because once you settle on a design, you won’t know what it looks like until it’s actually applied. With vinyl wrapping, we can show you a mockup of what the design will look like on your vehicle, allowing you to create final revisions before the wrap is finally applied.

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