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Things to Know Before Designing a Car Wrap

things to know before designing a car wrap brand it wrap it

The car wrap design process can be complicated, and there are some important elements and factors that go into it.

If you are a business owner, investing in a car wrap is an excellent advertising method and can increase sales. You can outfit the side of your vehicle with any design you want to attract customers. It is basically a mobile billboard that countless people will see. However, the car wrap design process can be complicated, and there are some important elements and factors that go into it. Here are some things to consider before designing your car wrap.

What Type of Car Will Be Wrapped?

You can not design a car wrap without first determining the type of vehicle the wrap will apply to. Knowing the car’s make and model is crucial for determining the wrap dimensions and any challenging corners or edges to be aware of. The price of a vehicle wrap will also vary depending on the type of car you have, so having all of this information beforehand will give you a more accurate quote. It is also helpful to take photos of your vehicle from multiple angles to give your wrap technician a better idea of the car’s dimensions.

Determine Where the Logo Will Be Placed

Once you have accurately measured your car, the next step is to figure out exactly where you want the design to go. The primary goal of installing a car wrap is to place your company’s logo front and center surrounded by an eye-catching design. That is why it is crucial to determine the locations you want your logo to be placed. It can be tempting to place the logo in multiple places on a vehicle but, it is more effective to use fewer and more strategic placements.

Consider What Kind of Colors and Design Elements You Want

In addition to your company’s logo, you may want to add bold colors and designs to catch the attention of potential customers. When creating your design, think big and create eye-catching graphics that people will notice and remember. With such a large canvas to work on, you have the opportunity to think out of the box with your design.

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