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Common Uses for Indoor Floor Graphics

Graphics are one of the most impressive ways to expand marketing and get new eyes on your ads, and the best thing about it is that there is almost no limit to where you can put them. Clearly they can go in traditional places, like papers and magazines, on billboards, and even online. They can also go on cars, in windows, and – most interesting of all – on the floor. The floor is such an under-utilized area for both indoor advertising and marketing and instructional or directional signage, and there are several great places that indoor floor graphics can and should be used.

Common Uses for Indoor Floor Graphics

Indoor floor graphics have a wide variety of applications. Here are just a few.

Mall Floors

One of the most common places for floor graphics is in retail areas. They are used to set up queue lines, give directions, and advertise sales and specials. They are inexpensive and highly visible, since people often look down as they’re walking. Floor graphics are also a good solution to issues guiding traffic into other, less popular parts of a store or mall.

Warehouse Floors

Floor graphics are a great choice for warehouses that have a lot of moving traffic. They can be used to delineate where pedestrian vs. forklift traffic is allowed to be and to highlight areas that require precautions, like goggles or earplugs.

Parking Garage Floors

Floor graphics are great for directional signage. On garage floors they can be used to signal the area of the garage you’re in or to tell drivers which direction they are allowed to go. They can also be used to identify special parking spaces or areas, such as security spots, or spots for parents with babies. Floor graphics are often cheaper than other types of garage signage and they require less maintenance.

Business or Hospital Floors

A business that needs to restrict access to certain areas, such as a hospital where the clinical areas are separate from the waiting areas, can signify that with floor signage. Floor graphics can be used to highlight safety concerns, such as where automatic swinging doors swing open so people don’t block them or get hit by them. Floor graphics are also a great way to post warnings about an area that requires special clothing or safety precautions.

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