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What Car Wrap Texture Is Right for You?

If you know anything about car wraps, you know that they come with practically limitless customization. Just about any design you can dream up can be incorporated on a vinyl wrap for your fleet or personal vehicle. But not so many people are aware of the fact that there are different textures of car wraps on the market. You might think that a regular car wrap isn’t for you, but a cool texture could change your mind.

What Car Wrap Texture Is Right for You?

The customization options for car wraps are practically endless. Here are some textures you can choose from.


Glossy car wraps are probably the most common form of car wrap texture. In fact, we hesitate to refer to it as a ‘texture’ at all. This is because gloss on a car wrap hardly differs from regular paint texturally. Still, there’s a reason gloss is so tried and true.

If your car has a glossy car wrap, it will have noticeable degree of reflectivity. You will be able to see yourself in its reflection, but the image will not be as clear as a mirror would be. If you’re looking for a classic texture in your vinyl wrap, look no further than gloss.


Nothing stands in starker contrast to glossy car wraps than matte. As you might expect, matte is the exact opposite of gloss. This means that it has no reflective quality whatsoever. Applying a matte vinyl wrap to your vehicle will go a long way toward making it stand apart from the crowd. But it does so without being garish. If you’re interested in textured car wraps, matte is a popular choice.


Finally, let’s suppose neither of the above options really speak to you. Satin car wraps fall somewhere in between gloss and matte. They are reflective, but it isn’t easy to make out more than very rough shapes in their reflections. A satin wrap will make your vehicle look sleek, but still distinguished. This is one reason they are an extremely popular option for wrapping commercial vehicles; they can really help to draw the eye.

Everyone is looking for something different in their vinyl wraps. When picking the right wrap for you, don’t forget all the wonderful textural options at your fingertips.

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