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Interior Graphics Can Increase COVID-19 Awareness

Case numbers of COVID-19 are increasing. In spite of this, many people feel as though the pandemic has subsided. Fierce commitment to social distancing has certainly dwindled among the general public compared to this spring. If you’re a commercial business owner, you may be concerned about enforcing social distancing and hand-washing regulations. Smart employment of interior graphics can do exactly that. Read on to find out more.

Interior Graphics Can Increase COVID-19 Awareness

Interior graphics can be a great way to enforce COVID-19 regulations. Here’s how.

Window Graphics

We’re getting this one out of the way first, since it doesn’t quite fall under the umbrella of interior graphics. But window graphics can be a great way to enforce COVID-19 regulations. Life feels like it has compared to normal for many people, so consider using storefront window or glass door graphics to remind incoming customers of the pandemic.

Use these to remind your customers of the necessity of masks, hand washing, and not to enter your store if they have symptoms of the coronavirus or been in recent contact with someone who has.

Wall Graphics

Strategic placement of wall graphics can help too. One place where people are smartly placing wall graphics is in the bathrooms of their business, reminding their customers about the importance of thorough hand washing.

But there are more uses to wall graphics during COVID-19 than just that. Consider placing them throughout your business, and use your creativity. Many companies have come up with playful and humorous spins on “a cart apart.” If you can come up with one relevant to your own businesses, they will catch the eye far more than a piece of printer paper taped to a wall. And they’ll be more effective in the end.

Floor Graphics

Have you put some sort of marker on the floor of your business urging customers to remain six feet apart? This simple trick has proved to be surprisingly effective at reinforcing social distancing in commercial settings. Some businesses have just used duct or painter’s tape to this end. But eye-catching floor graphics stand as a better solution.

A minority of businesses have markers on the floor, indicating the desired flow of traffic down the aisle. Too few people comply with these, but floor graphics just might be the best way to enforce any similar guidelines.

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