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Summer Care for Your Car Wrap

summer care for your car wrap brand it wrap it

Keep your car wrap looking perfect this summer with these easy tips!

Summertime in Maryland can be sweltering, with high humidity to boot! Summer is also the best time to show off your custom car wrap around town. To properly protect your car wrap, you must know how to take care of it for long-lasting results. Car wraps can last for years when maintained properly. The summer heat can be your vehicle’s worst enemy causing the vinyl to wrinkle and warp, harming your wrap. Here are some easy ways to keep your car wrap looking like new all summer long.

Keep Your Car Wrap Out of Direct Sunlight

 To avoid any sort of damage, always try to park in a shaded area whenever available. As temperatures rise in the summer days, you must be cautious about where you decide to park your vehicle. The UV light can cause wraps to fade and increase the temperature surface of your car. If you store your car in a storage container or any other kind of enclosed space that gets very hot, your wrap may distort, shrink, expand, or the adhesive may melt and loosen the vinyl. The best place to store your vehicle is in a cool, shady area.

Gently Remove Any Debris

In the summer heat, airborne dirt particles can be baked into the film, leaving a stain on the vehicle. Always make sure to take a few minutes each day and brush off any particles that may have fallen onto your car.

Hand Wash Your Car Regularly

You may have to wash your car more often, depending on your location. Make sure you are only using cold water with a soft sponge and a gentle soap to wash your car wrap. The best time to clean your vehicle is when it’s not as hot out, preferably earlier in the day when the sun isn’t as intense. 

Add an Extra Layer of Protection

If you live in an area with extremely high temperatures, ask your wrap specialist about a special vinyl coating that will protect your vehicle from UV rays. Certain polishes and waxes can also be applied to help your wrap resist sunlight and heat.

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