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Car Wrap Mistakes to Avoid

car wrap mistakes to avoid

While you can DIY your own car wrap, it is best to leave this process to the professionals.

A high quality car wrap is an investment into your business. A great design and properly maintained wrap can last for years and help boost sales for your company. While you can DIY your own car wrap, it is best to leave this process to the professionals. If you do attempt to apply a car wrap yourself, make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

Do Not Cover Up Damage

Many people try to cover dents or scratches by adhering a car wrap to their damaged vehicle. Not only will that not hide any damage, it will cause the adhesive to fail. An easy way to make sure your adhesive is working properly is something called the ‘tape test’. Apply a piece of tape or adhesive vinyl to an inconspicuous spot on the vehicle, leave it for a few minutes, and then remove it.  If paint comes off on the tape it is a sign that the car will not hold the adhesive vinyl graphics. 

Get Rid of all Bubbles

You need to carefully press out the bubble using a flat tool used for this specific application. Ignoring bubbles leads to a poor application, and could impact the overall quality and visibility of the finished product. Make sure to check carefully for bubbles during the entire application process and treat them properly as soon as you can.

Don’t Guess on the Measurements

You have probably heard the saying “measure twice, cut once”, this saying also applies to your car wrap. Do not rely on the online measurements listed for your vehicle as they are often unreliable. Use a measuring tape and measure every area of the car you are planning to wrap. 

Should You DIY Your Car Wrap

If you are determined to install your own car wrap, take care to avoid these mistakes and consult a professional whenever possible. Car wrapping can be a difficult and technical process, and if you don’t have a steady hand and attention to detail, you could end up with a less professional product. It’s always best to invest in professional services when designing and applying car wraps. We here at Brand It Wrap It have years of experience in designing and installing custom wraps for any vehicle. 

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