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The Steps to Building a Strong Brand Identity

Your brand identity is what keeps customers coming back so it’s important to start with a solid foundation.

When you are driving down the street and see those golden arches, you know a McDonald’s is approaching. When you see that infamous check mark, you know someone is wearing Nike. This is essentially what brand identity is: people seeing and recognizing your brand. Here are the steps to building a strong brand identity.

Brand Audit

The first thing you must do when building a strong brand identity is evaluate what your brand is about and what audience you are trying to reach. You want to research your specific product or service and what consumers want out of it. You should also research your competition to get an insight of which strategies seem to work and which don’t.

Establish a Message & Values

The next thing you want to do is establish concrete values that your business and  brand will promote. You also need a concrete message and mission statement that your brand will follow. The values you have and the message you are trying to convey make up the foundation of a strong brand identity. People relate to consistent values and a great message that is backed up by your company.

Creative Voice

After you have established values and a message, it’s time to tap into the creative side. There are plenty of businesses with great brands and values, but can’t get the message across to their audience. With social media more popular than ever, brands must get creative with their voice in order to stand out. Your voice should be unique, relate to your specific audience, and still reflect your values. Your creative voice includes your website design, social media approach, brand logo, ad design,etc.  

Be Able to Adapt

Building a strong brand identity is not something that happens over night. It takes time to build a following and strengthen your brand. You must be able to adapt to marketing trends that are constantly changing with the use of social media. Strategies must be changed and adapted quickly if necessary, while still staying consistent with your brand image and values. You have to continue to analyze, adapt, and refine your brand identity as time goes on to keep it strong and relevant.

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