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How to Make Your Vinyl Lettering Stand Out From the Competition

Contrast is important when it comes to making your vinyl lettering stand out. Black lettering on a white background is a great, classic contrast!

In a generation full of graphics and visuals, people are becoming more drawn to what they can see. However, because these things are now so common, it is not as easy to make your graphics and visuals stand out from the rest. A big part of this is how you design your lettering because you want people to read your message. Here is how to make your vinyl lettering stand out from the competition.


The font choice is so important when it comes to vinyl lettering. No matter how cool the background or how great your message is, if the wrong font is used, people aren’t going to want to read it. Though curly fonts may look nice, they are often hard to read. You want to avoid using them for your vinyl lettering because people likely won’t take the time out to try and distinguish the words. Choose simple, easy to read fonts that compliment the design of your graphic well. For vehicle lettering, avoid serif fonts because the small lines at the end of the letters often peel sooner than other lettering options.


You want your vinyl lettering to contrast well with the backdrop that it is on. If the background white, black lettering is always a great option to contrast it and make it easy to see and read. You want to avoid color combinations such as yellow lettering on top of a white background because it can make it hard to read. Though red vinyl lettering looks good on a white backdrop, this combination tends to lead to fading more quickly than other color options.


As visuals increase in popularity, people are steering away from lettering alone. A business sign or vehicle wrap with just text on it is not as appealing as one with an extravagant design to go along with the text. People are more likely to be drawn to eye catching visuals first, which in turn make them want to read the message with it. Your brand logo is a great option to put on your graphic with your vinyl lettering. You can also just have some fun with colors and images, making a unique design that isn’t too overwhelming to the eye.

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