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Signs of a Bad Car Wrap

With all their benefits, it’s easy to see why car wraps are so popular. It’s hard to beat their potential for customization and longevity, as well as the minimal maintenance required of them. In many respects, vinyl wraps are a far more logical option for vehicles than regular paint. And they can be surprisingly affordable. Recently, we discussed why car wrapping should only be carried out by professionals. The signs of a DIY or otherwise unprofessional car wrap are obvious. Here are a few signs of a bad car wrap.

Signs of a Bad Car Wrap

Only professionals should wrap cars, or else you might notice some of these defects.


One of the most challenging aspects of car wrapping is carefully fitting the wrap around the various curves and recesses on a car. This is a skill that takes some time to master. Inexperienced car wrappers might try to cut corners by cutting out separate ‘patches’ of vinyl to go over these tricky spots. This, as you could imagine, results in a bad car wrap.


It can certainly be disheartening to notice that your brand-new car wrap is peeling around the edges. This problem is entirely avoidable, and was almost certainly caused by poor installation.

During the installation process, a professional will take care to clean the surface of the car completely so that the adhesive can stick as strongly as possible. They will also smooth out wrinkles and properly apply heat so as to minimize the risk of peeling.


Generally, bubbling stands as the most common sign of a bad car wrap. Without professional expertise, they can be exceptionally difficult to prevent. Your wrap could look excellent as soon as it’s installed, but within a few weeks’ time, bubbles of varying size could appear. Typically, bubbling in a car wrap results from it being subjected to excess heat or stretching.

Bad Trimming

Even if all other aspects of the car wrap have been handled well, sloppy trimming can ruin it all. If the trimming is handled poorly, your car will end up looking like it has a large sticker on it—not a car wrap. Learning how to trim vinyl wraps properly takes experience, a steady hand, and raw talent.

You might think that you are saving money by attempting to wrap your car on your own or by seeking the help of unqualified ‘professionals.’ But in the end, you get what you pay for. If you have us wrap your car, you won’t notice any of these imperfections.

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