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How Professionals Install Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl wraps are simply among the best ways around to spiff up your vehicle. The options for customization are limitless, and at a far more affordable cost than custom paint jobs. Numerous textural options such as gloss or matte are at your disposal. Add to that the fact that they will last for years to come with minimal maintenance, and it’s easy to see why vinyl wraps are such a great option. But have you ever wondered how vinyl wraps are installed? Here are some of the basics.

How Professionals Install Vinyl Wraps

Have you ever wondered how vinyl wraps are installed? Here are the basics.


If the vehicle isn’t perfectly clean, the wrap is not going to cure properly. That’s why cleaning the car is an essential first step. This is also a good time to double-check that there are no imperfections either, such as scratches. No matter how perfectly the vinyl is applied, even minor blemishes will be noticeable.

Measuring and Cutting

Now is the time to measure the vehicle and cut the vinyl. Professionals know it’s always a good idea to cut the material more generously than you think you’d need. Remember: excess material can be trimmed off. Then the corners have to be neatly tucked for visual appeal. Without a good cut, you can’t have a good wrap.


Then you move on to the installation of the vinyl wrap itself. Nothing is more detrimental to a professional-looking finished product than air bubbles. That is why it’s best to start in the middle of each panel and work your way out to the edges. Follow the same method when you squeegee. Finally, it’s time to whip out the heat gun. If there’s any trapped air, you’ll be able to tell when the heat is applied. If everything’s looking good, you can cut the wrap and tuck.

Heat One More Time

Now that the vehicle is all wrapped, trimmed, and tucked, you have to heat it one more time. Use the heat gun as evenly as possible across the wrap, while on a vigilant look-out for any indications that it will have to be reapplied. In this stage, the vinyl may appear to lift off the surface. Don’t try to press it back down; it has to be reapplied. Finally, use some alcohol to clean off the surface, and admire your work.

As you can see, the process of applying a vinyl wrap can be challenging and time-consuming. If you go wrong anywhere along the line, you have to start over. This is why cars should always be wrapped by professionals. But don’t worry; the payoffs are worth it. A beautifully wrapped car can be an undeniable asset to your small business, or just for your satisfaction with the appearance of your personal vehicle.

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