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Signs of a Bad Car Wrap

Signs of a Bad Car Wrap brand it wrap it

If your car wrap isn’t good, it won’t be as impactful for your brand or message.

If you’re looking for an unusual but highly effective marketing tool, look no further than car wraps. These wraps are vehicle graphics that allow your brand and message to travel anywhere your vehicle does. Car wrap advertising, like any form of advertising, can only be as effective as the professionals who create it. If your car wrap isn’t good, it won’t be as impactful for your brand or message. Read on for several key signs of a bad car wrap and if you spot them, find a different vehicle wrap installation professional. 

Bubbled Surface

A bubbled surface of a vehicle wrap is one of the most common problems that people experience and it is also one of the biggest signs of a rushed or unskilled installation. One of the main causes of bubbling is using the wrong material for the installation since there are different quality levels of vinyl and each one requires a different combination of laminate. Likewise, each combination of laminate and vinyl requires a slightly different application technique – if you use the wrong one, you will get bubbles. Overheating or overstretching the vinyl will also cause bubbling of the surface. Finally, if the post-heating process, after the wrap is heated to specifications, is skipped, the vinyl will bubble on curves and recessed areas.

Edge Issues

Issues at the edges of a wrap are also a big sign of poor installation or a bad wrap. Peeling edges that weren’t properly heated are a common issue (and the popular “fix” of using primer can cause damage when the wrap is removed). Bad trimming of the edges is another sign of a bad wrap. The installer needs a steady hand for the final trimming or the wrap will look like a bad sticker. Finally, edges can easily be tucked into the weatherstripping to make the whole wrap look better. Skipping that step is a sure sign of a bad wrap job.

Door Handles

Finally, the door handles are often one of the trickiest areas of the door wrap installation. The handles can be removed for some cars, but for others, the handles can’t come off unless you remove the whole door panel first. If the vinyl is overstretched or looks bad around the door handle, that is a sign of an inexperienced installer at best and someone who rushed the job and didn’t do it right at worse.

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