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Wall Graphics: Tips to Enhance Your Business

Wall Graphics: Tips to Enhance Your Business brand it wrap it

Most businesses already have a great location for directional and informational marketing: the walls!

Most businesses are constantly looking for the next great commercial advertising tool (like car wraps and window clings) to drive business into their stores or direct the traffic in those stores to the goods and sales they want them to see. Most businesses already have a great location for directional and informational marketing: the walls! Sure the walls are doing important work already, but they could be doing more, if you invest in high-quality wall wraps and wall graphics. These cannot be just simple images, they have to be well designed with your end goal or purpose firmly in mind. Read on for more information about using wall graphics or wraps to enhance your business.

Make Your Brand Visible

Custom wall graphics are a great way to show off your brand and logo as you welcome guests or customers to your building. Sure the logo is probably on the front on the outside, but you should also have it up and visible on the inside as well. You can also make a point of welcoming people into your store with a message on your custom wall wraps. 

Highlight Your Values And Culture

Most businesses today want the world to be able to see their core values and company culture in action. It is not enough to just say what your values are – you have to be acting them. With high-resolution photos, wall graphics are a great way to highlight those values in action. If you claim that your company loves the environment, use pictures of a stream clean-up day.

Educate On Your Mission Statement and History

Wall wraps are also a good place to include text information that your clients or customers might find useful or interesting. This includes things like your mission statement or a time line of your company’s history. This type of stuff could also go on your website, but having it physically in the stores helps both employees and customers connect with it. 

Spotlight Merchandising

Finally, wall graphics can be used as part of your merchandising. If you have a graphic that includes an image featuring a specific product, line it up with a shelf of that product. If you have a sale item that you want to highlight, add a wall graphic promoting it as a “fast-seller”, “super sale item”, or something similar. 

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