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What to Consider Before Installing Car Wraps

What to Consider Before Installing Car Wraps brand it wrap it

It’s helpful to ask a few questions before taking the plunge and installing vinyl wraps on your car.

Car wraps are a fantastic way to advertise your services and make your fleet look uniform and professional. However, it would help if you asked a few questions before taking the plunge and installing vinyl wraps on your car. So, what exactly should you consider before investing in vehicle graphics

Questions to Ask Before Installing Car Wraps

How Much Wrap Do You Need? 

You can opt for full or partial vinyl wraps for your vehicle or even have just vehicle graphics installed. Depending on your budget and advertising need, you should be sure how much of your car you want to have wrapped before the installation date. 

What’s Your Car’s Paint Condition? 

While vinyl wraps may cover the paint itself, even the highest quality vinyl wrap won’t make any blemishes in the paint disappear. In fact, wraps can accentuate any imperfections in the paint underneath. So, if you have chipping, peeling, or rusting spots on your vehicles, you should avoid vinyl wraps. 

Is the Installer Using a High-Quality Vinyl Wrap? 

Please pay special attention to how wraps look when they’re completed. If you’re looking into an installer and notice bubbles or wrinkles in their portfolio vehicles or have noticed that they have reviews complaining of damaged paint after the wraps are removed, they’re not using high-quality vinyl for their vehicle graphics. 

…And Are They Experienced and Skilled? 

Like poor quality materials, an inexperienced installer can impact how your wraps will look. You should check for seams and how corners have been wrapped on other vehicles. If you notice peeling and wrinkling around the corners and seams in the middle of the wrap, you should move on! An experienced, quality installer can use one large piece of vinyl to avoid seams and properly tuck edges, so they look crisp, clean, and professional. 

Can You Properly Maintain the Wrap Once It’s Installed? 

If you currently rely on automatic car washes to clean your vehicles, you should be prepared to switch to hand washing. Vinyl wraps are durable but require delicate care to avoid scratching the vinyl once installed. However, you shouldn’t need fancy equipment;  just a  microfiber cloth and a gentle detergent. 

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