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Reasons to Add Wall Graphics to Parking Garages


Trying to liven up a parking garage? Using the right wall graphics may be the solution!

Is your parking garage at its best? While many garages have a tendency to be bland, dirty, and uninviting, there’s no reason your garage needs to follow this unfortunate trend. Opting for a more inviting and colorful space can come with many advantages, number one being that it helps encourage repeat customers with minimal effort. Wall graphics are printed on vinyl and can be installed and removed with ease, making them a great option if you will need to change out the piece. 

Make The Space Brighter 

Unless you’re lucky enough to have the only parking facility in town, your customers will likely have plenty of options to choose from. If you have a space to offer that’s more inviting and bright than the others, your customers will return to you even if they don’t fully know why. Most humans like color, whether we notice it or not. Not only does adding wall graphics make your space more friendly and fun, but it helps affect your guests so that they subconsciously prioritize you because of the color. 

Improve Wayfinding 

Wall graphics for more than just look great, they can be highly functional as well. Parking garages can be challenging to navigate, with the use of wall graphics, you can add signs and notices that help your customers find their way through your space more effectively. Whether it’s noting where entrances and exits are, which doors go to where, or other information, these wayfinding tools make your customers feel more secure.  

Bring Color To Your Floors

Do you forget your floors? With the use of professionally crafted vinyl graphics, you can make the floors in your parking garage far more useful. Humans are easily distracted and confused, adding your wayfinding signs to the ground as well as the walls can help make traffic flow much more smoothly. 

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