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How to Properly Store Your Banners

Make sure that you keep your banners in good condition by taking these steps to store them properly.

Maybe you just bought some high-quality vinyl banners to advertise your business at an event, and now it’s time to pack them up. You’ll want to be sure that you keep them in good condition by taking these steps to store them properly.

Roll It

It may not seem like it, but rolling your banner really is the best way to store it. In fact, many types of banner stands are designed to be rolled. Just take it by one end and gently roll it up like you’re rolling a piece of paper. Not super tight, but enough to keep it contained, while neatly lining up the edges. Just remember, you should never fold your banner to store it. A folded vinyl banner will develop nasty creases, and the ink from the design is more likely to transfer on top of itself.

Box It

Once rolled, you can put the banner away in the box it came in. The rigid sides of the box will further prevent denting and creasing. That way, you won’t have to worry about your banner getting damaged from getting tossed in a storage closet somewhere if you don’t use it as often.

Stash It

You’ve probably seen labels asking to store products in a cool, dry place on everything from medicine and books to cereal. The same applies when storing your banners. A room temperature spot away from the sunlight works best. Keep in mind that harsh light and moisture will age, fade, and smudge your banner faster.

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