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Should You Choose Vehicle Wraps or Vinyl Lettering?

When it comes to advertising your business, think of whether vinyl lettering or vehicle wraps is the best investment for you.

Branding your vehicle involves a lot of tricky decisions. After you’ve figured out the perfect company message and developed your logo, now you may be wondering if your vehicle should carry those things with a full vehicle wrap or vinyl lettering.


What type of vehicle do you have? The good news is that both vinyl lettering and vehicle wraps can go on anything from cars, to vans, to food trucks and more. But in addition to versatility, a benefit of vinyl lettering in particular is its quick and easy application. You can easily apply it yourself to smaller vehicles, as opposed to the time and money spent on a professional vehicle wrap. However, applying vinyl lettering by hand means you have to be extra careful to avoid mistakes.


You have to make sure how much you want to budget for vehicle advertising. Full and even partial vehicle wraps can cost significantly more than vinyl lettering. However, the value for what you pay is also significant because vehicle wraps will tend to last longer than vinyl lettering. The added durability of vehicle wraps mean that they’re less likely to peel off over time the way vinyl lettering might, which means that you’ll end replacing it less often, which could save you money in the long run. Vehicle wraps have the added benefit of protecting your vehicle from surface damage, which is another money-saver.


Advertising is all about making your brand seen. It’s probably no surprise that the sheer size of a vehicle wrap’s coverage makes it more noticeable that vinyl lettering. However, if you prefer a more subtle approach, vinyl lettering is good for labeling company vans in a sleek, professional way. Just remember, the more something can get a customer’s attention visually, the more likely they are to remember it. Also, If you’re concerned that a full vehicle wrap might be too in-your-face, remember that you can design it to convey your brand in a non-intrusive, classy way.

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