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4 Common Types of Banner Stands

Flexi banner stands can act as one vertical banner or can be put together to make a big horizontal banner!

Whether you are preparing your business for a trade show or just want to find a fun way to promote your business, banner stands are a great option. Banner stands are a great way to bring attention to your company and gain new customers or clients. Here are four common types of banner stands to help you decide which is best for your business.


As suggested in the name, these banner stands are known for their flexibility. They allow you to use just one panel or give you the freedom to connect multiple panels together to create one large horizontal banner. These banner stands fold up easily so they are easy to transport to a trade show or event. They are for indoor and temporary outdoor use, most commonly used at trade shows, conventions, and airports.


These are the typical banner stands that you will see in places like malls, cafes, and department stores. They look like a large picture frame that either is posted on the wall on sits on top of legs. Simple banner stands offer the easiest installation process, requiring only that you slide the graphic into the frame. They are for indoor use only and are good for promoting sales and daily specials.

Pole Stands

Installing these banner stands is as easy as putting together a set of poles to hold it up. The banner itself is clipped to the stand and slid into the plastic poles. These are easy to transport as well because all of the parts can be broken down. They are good for both indoor and outdoor use and are commonly seen used for trade shows and office interiors.


These banner stands are really easy to transport because they are designed to roll up, or retract at the base. All you have to do is pull the banner from the base and secure it to the pole holding it up. Retractable banner stands are best suited for indoor use but can be used for outdoors for short periods of time. You often see these stands at trade shows, retail stores, and spas.

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