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4 Types of Banner Stands You Can Use for Your Next Event

Banners are a great way to promote your business at your next event!

Your marketing materials should be professional, readable, and ready to serve many purposes. As you’re organizing your supplies for your next event, consider the various types of banner stands you can use.

Retractable Stands

Retractable banner stands are the most versatile style on this list. They work well for outdoor and indoor events and are a great size regardless of the size of the event space. The most useful element to retractable stands is its ability for self-storage. You’ll be able to use this style again and again by simply retracting it into its own built-in storage compartment. This lessens the chance that the banner will get damaged during transport or in the area in which you store the banner. Setup time is quick and simple.

Portable Stands

Although you’ll find that all the banner stand types are portable, this option touts being incredibly durable. Portable stands are a part of the category of tension back, L stands, and X stands. When placed next to each other, they can create a larger backdrop.

Table Top Stands

Many events use tables as a central location for many activities, including signing in, getting more information, or watching demonstrations. A table top banner stand will put your information directly in front of people who you want to see it. They are convenient and adjustable to the perfect height, depending on the height of your table. They are also versatile enough to be placed on the floor if the situation calls for it. A telescopic pole makes them incredibly easy to maneuver by any representative you have at the event.

Banner Walls

Banner walls will draw the most attention at an event and are great for expressing messages in a clear, readable, and visually appealing way. They can be used for photo opportunities, to give direction, or as stand-alone advertisement. You can separate them to cover more area or use together to create a large, professional design.

Banner Stands from Brand It Wrap It

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