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3 Design Tips for Your Business Signage

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If your business is having a slow season and wants more exposure, creating business signage is the best choice for getting the word out about your brand. It will reach your loyal customers and remind them of what you offer and how they need to repurchase from your business. In addition to that, it will gravitate new customers that are interested in your services and allow them to see your dedication to reach a new audience by your signage. Like most entrepreneurs, marketing isn’t always a strong suite and basic sign knowledge isn’t always shared. Lucky for you, here’s a short list of three design tips for successful business signage.

Gravitating Color

If you didn’t know how important it is for your business signage to have gravitating colors, think about the well-known brands of today and how well you recognize their logos and signs. Target, McDonald’s, and Coke are some of the few whose colors can be easily recognized as their business sign. Target will always feature their signs in red and white, representing the bulls-eye, while coke traditionally creates with sign in a true red. This is how important it is for your business to create a sign. Not only does it make it recognizable to all of your customers, but could also create an image for your brand. If you opt to use a trendy, modern design for your business signage, that will be associated when customers are describing your brand.



When thinking about what sizing to use for your business signage, always go by larger is always better. It may cost more to make the font and design bigger, but there are some variables you need to think of before making it smaller. Think about your customer base; who is your average customer? If you customers wear glasses, they will have difficulty seeing smaller font and graphics. It will be purposeless to have signage that cannot be read. This is why creating sizing in the largest text and size possible will be the best for your company.


Contrasting colors is also important with potential customers coherently reading your signage. If the background of your color is red, placing dark red or black lettering on top of the red can be difficult to read. Opt for a dark background and light coloring for a proper contrast and readability with your signage.


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