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How Your Business Can Use Floor Graphics

Even when out in public, the average person spends most of their time looking down at their phone—and sometimes they even see the floor where they’re walking while looking down. This is where floor graphics come in. Floor graphics are an amazing and multi-use piece of marketing collateral. They can be functional and fashionable while also helping to extend your brand and improve your customer experience.

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Floor graphics are an amazing and multi-use piece of marketing collateral. Consider these uses for them!

Use Them for Guiding Customers

Floor graphics are a great way to guide customers through an area in your store or to your store from the outside. “Footprints” are a great tool for directing people to your store (consider paw prints if your business has to do with animals). Arrows can also help, especially if the wayfinding you’re trying to accomplish involves turns.

Use Them Where People Wait

These days, it’s very common to see floor graphics that show where people should wait in line while maintaining social distance, and this is a great use for them. That isn’t the only waiting people do, however. If your business has a waiting room or area, consider using floor graphics as a way to allow your customer to entertain themselves or to engage them with your product. If you sell skis, the graphics could be skis to “step into,” or you could do a maze on the floor for them to walk through.

Use Them Creatively

Floor graphics give you nearly unlimited creative freedom since they can be cut to any shape and almost any size (including covering your entire floor). You can use your floor graphics to attract attention—3-D effect images never fail to capture the eye (just don’t put them directly in walkways). Use the 3-D image, such as a hole or a cliff to attract people to a certain area and encourage them to take a picture or selfie to share on social media. Even non-3-D effect images can promote this sort of sharing if they’re interesting enough. This is a great way to use these graphics to promote your brand online creatively. Don’t forget that your logo needs to be there somewhere for this to work.

Use Them to Strengthen Your Brand

Your floor graphics could also simply be your logo since this form of advertising allows you to brand the space in a unique way. Even the floor of an office, where wayfinding and taking selfies is less likely, can be branded with a simple floor graphic of your logo, serving as a visual cue for your customer, tying their experience with your brand.

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