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What Impacts the Cost of a Vehicle Wrap?

We’ve seen a boom in car wraps throughout the years. Think about the possibilities: not only can you change the appearance of your vehicle, add an extra protective layer to the paint, and use it as a mobile advertising platform, but you can do so for a reasonable price, too. That said, we want to make sure our customers understand what goes into our costs and why we price the way we do. Let’s break down what can impact the cost of a vehicle wrap and why your total bill may end up being what it is.

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How much does a car wrap cost? That depends on a few factors. Take a look!

Initial Planning

Plenty of planning goes into the overall vehicle wrap process. This includes asking important questions, like what the make and model of the vehicle are, which will impact the complexity of the wrap in the end. You also need to know what parts of the car need to be wrapped, as more extensive and complicated vehicle wraps will end up costing more. It’s important to ask those little questions one may not initially think about, like whether the vehicle has a body kit or what kind of vinyl hue you want, which are all important factors to consider upfront so that you know beforehand what will be reflected in the final price.

The Right Tools

Not only do you need a quality vehicle wrap, but you also need all the tools to get the job done: a squeegee, heat gun, various cloths and cleaners, tape measures, masking tape, and so on. Applying a vinyl wrap can take up to a whole week depending on how complex the design is. Between the tools and expertise needed, the price of your vehicle wrap can end up varying—the more complicated a design and application, the more expensive of a project it will likely be.

Get a Pro

Remember that while the price of your vinyl wrap may vary due to the necessary tools or the quality of the wrap, the biggest factor is going to be the labor-intensive process and experience required to do it right. Upgrades like specialty vinyl, custom designs, and even wheel wrapping can end up increasing that final price tag. Just remember that different kinds of vehicles are going to require different amounts of labor.

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